Whether you're reading this on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, the importance of responsive web design is currently lost on nobody. So, here are our favourite tools for responsive design that we use every day.

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a popular tool that takes on all the hard work of responsive design for you, working as CSS templates that you can apply to multiple breakpoints that they include. It only requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to utilise Bootstrap and is compatible with all browsers.

Using a mobile-first approach, you have the option to make changes around your elements with Bootstrap classes applied, depending on your preferences. Most of our client’s websites utilise Bootstrap’s features.


2. Invision

Invision encourages collaboration between designer and client as it features the ability for designers to share their work directly with clients, while allowing clients to provide feedback, highlighting what they like or exactly what they want to change.

One of the reasons we like to use Invision so much is because it can easily be accessed on a variety of devices, allowing clients to see different responsive designs on different screens throughout this process.


3. Flexbox

Flexbox is an efficient way of distributing space between elements inside a container on a website, which makes it easier for these elements to be rearranged to better fit whatever screen size or device it’s displayed on.

This makes building responsive elements much simpler, as it reduces the need for developers to painstakingly adjust each awkward element for each breakpoint.


4. Browserstack

Another great tool, Browserstack is a platform that lets you test the responsiveness of your website across over 2,000 devices and browsers. At first glance, it may appear as though these are virtual devices, so they might not be a perfectly accurate representation, but in reality, you’re linking in to real devices from your desktop, so it’s a very accurate way of testing how responsive your site is without having to buy 10 different iPhones!