Channel Grouping


Scenario: The default channel groups just don’t work for you!


Note; you won’t break anything here as the default channel groupings will always remain, happy messing!

  1. Head over to analytics, log in and go to Admin
  2. Select custom channel grouping under your view
  3. Select ‘New Channel Grouping’
  4. Give you new channel grouping a name such as ‘Custom Channel Group
  5. A popular grouping to add is Email campaigns as they tend to just come through as ‘Referrer’
  6. Under ‘Define Rules’ choose ‘Campaign’ as the dimension and ‘contains’ as the expression then add ‘Email’ or whatever you tag your email campaigns as using the utm_campaign parameter (if you aren’t using utm tracking on your emails I suggest you do, here’s the tool to create them)
  7. You can define the rest of the rules to match system generated channels or customise them further, even better get in touch with Sculpt to help you configure them to your liking 😉