A/B Testing Process

Define Your Objective

Defining the purpose of your test ensures that there will be a tangible output of your efforts. Objectives don't have to be complex, they can be as simple as improving bounce rate, increasing time on page or more commercially focused objectives such as sales or leads.

Choose Your Audience

Most testing platforms allow you to define which audiences you want to test against. This could be as simple as new or returning visitors or more complex such as gender and demographic targeting.

Create Page Variations

Using the data from your analytics we can create variations to your existing design and layout to enhance performance. Variations can be as simple as the change of message, colour of a button or more complex like a completely different design or layout.

Choose Your Traffic Weighting

Depending on your volumes of traffic and how radically different your page variations are you might only want to test a small sample of your traffic. However the more traffic means that you will see a result in a much shorter space of time.

A/B Testing

Our A/B testing services include a full audit and review of your current user journeys

  • Google Optimise, VWO, Optimizely and Adobe Test
  • Complete layout overhaul or small tweaks
  • Up to 4 variations included