Navigating the Digital Economy Successfuly

The digital economy has become a fast paced, complex and competitive environment, woven seamlessly into everyday life. We have a proven track record of success spanning over 10 years, working with national & global brands to plan and implement digital strategies that have quickly moved from the fringes of business planning to the pivotal factor in success.


1) Audience Insight

It all starts here, you may know who you want to target, or you may not. We can help you understand and identify your audiences. Through statistical analysis and qualitative sources of insight we can show you their motivations, behaviours and interests as well as the most appropriate channels to engage with your audience

2) Competitor Benchmarking

It’s easy to get left behind in the ever evolving and fast paced digital economy, keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is a good way to consistently challenge yourself and keep one (or two) steps ahead. We can benchmark and audit your performance and digital experiences against key competitors.

3) Content Planning

Standing out can be difficult, especially when thousands of new pieces of content are created on the internet every minute. Knowing what formats, channels and topics your audience engage with will increase your chances of being noticed. We can help you plan & create content that your audience will find useful.

4) Paid, Owned & Earned Planning

Tying it all together, Sculpt are a full service digital agency and can bring together your Website, CRM, Social Media, Content, Search and Digital Media channels to work in harmony.

5) Measurement & Analytics

In today’s world there are so many different data points available to measure, measuring everything certainly isn’t going to be helpful. We help you manage, understand and benchmark the metrics that matter to your business.