The Best eCommerce Platform for Selling Online

Magento is the largest open source eCommerce platform for scale. Magento has the flexibility and customisation to tackle the ever changing fast-paced digital economy. There are over 150,000 developers contributing to Magento 2 regularly innovation and enhancing it’s functionality. Magento is a fantastic platform for reducing operating costs and streamlining the user journey to transaction and beyond.

Why Magento 2?

Enterprise Level eCommerce

Having processed over £110bn Magento has taken top place as the world's #1 eCommerce platform. Magento 2 has out of the box functionality for end-to-end eCommerce management for SME's, large organisations and global brands.

Flexible & Customisable

Built on the principals of open source software Magento is easy to extend and develop on. There is no limit to what can be achieved putting you in full control of your digital experiences.

Seamless Integration

As the #1 eCommerce platform for choice, naturally there are many plug and play integrations available for Magento. Beyond this Magento's RESTful API allows for seamless integration into most web based systems.

Marketing Driven

Easily manage promotions, coupon codes, email lists and or with Magento. Over the years Magento has been put to the test by marketeers and has developed a best in class marketing suite.

Fast & Cost Effective

Easy to develop on and with so much functionality out of the box Magento is a fast and cost effective solution to get selling online, or sell more online!

Advanced Customer Management

A truly customer centric platform, Magento puts the customer in charge of their eCommerce experience with intuitive cross and up sell algorithms, advanced product filtering and enhanced account management options.

Cloud Based eCommerce

No other platform gives you the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivalled ability to customise, and seamless third-party integrations. The Magento ecommerce cloud platform is built for growth and scale, let us show you the endless capabilities.