North America Travel Service is a privately owned company which provides luxury bespoke holidays to North America. Business is generated via a small number of high street shops plus a “brochureware” website with calls to action to visit a store, call or request a brochure by post

The Task

The client was looking to execute a digital transformation project with the website at the heart of the transformation. Specific requirements were to reduce brochure costs, better tracking of leads, reducing “leakage” from the sales funnel and ultimately generating more orders.

Sculpt Analysis

Sculpt’s 360 analysis revealed a significant number of issues with a legacy website.

These issues included an issue with traffic. Traffic levels were low and consisted mainly of returning visitors and very few new users. Further technical analysis established that there were extensive site SEO issues. Amongst these, was the fact that the site was being excluded from search results because pages sat on query strings rather than urls.

Hotjar recording also revealed a number of UX issues with some of the basic desired actions within the website (eg brochure request) being very difficult to accomplish. The only action which could be accomplished easily was a phone call. However, because of an absence of call tracking, there was no way of recording what happened to these calls and their subsequent conversion or otherwise.

Sculpt Recommendations

Sculpt’s recommendations were that given the many technical issues with the site, that the entire site should be replatformed from Umbraco onto WordPress. The client having spent significantly on the existing site was understandably reluctant to potentially, in their words, “throw good money after bad”.

Sculpt as a lower cost first stage, suggested a UX test with a Sculpt designed revised home page.

The test homepage sat on a new url with 50% of traffic directed to this new url.

Results were immediately improved, with significant increases in the numbers of all key actions.

The success of this exercise then gave the client confidence to proceed with the full replatforming exercise.

All content was then painlessly moved from the old Umbraco platform to the new WordPress platform. In executing this, all legacy site SEO issues were addressed, as well as enhancing the site functionality and ability to introduce new content more easily.


Following the introduction of a new home page and the replatforming, traffic increased significantly, particularly with reference to new users. This figure increased 15%   .

In terms of the three desired critical actions, phone call, brochure request, email permission, there was a 38% increase in terms of site visitors taking an action. The introduction of the call tracking system also ensured that all enquiries were recorded. Average order value for a NATS holiday is between £15k and £20K, and as such the changes described above, have reaped very high rewards.