WooCommerce is the worlds most popular eCommerce platform¬†powering over 34,000 of the worlds most popular websites. WooCommerce is arguably the most flexible, easy to use and scalable platform for the end user built specifically to work with WordPress making it an obvious choice for anyone looking to transact online whether this be a simple online store with a handful of SKU’s or a large enterprise eCommerce business with thousands of transactions a day. Sculpt Digital specialise in the development and consultancy of WooCommerce projects across a diverse range of sectors.

WooCommerce at a glance

Simple Configuration

Out of the box, WooCommerce is easy to configure, simply add it as a plugin to your WordPress installation and start configuring your products and payment gateways!

Endless Payment Gateways

PayPal, Stripe, Wordlpay, Sagepay, Punch Out / SAP Gateways the capabilities of the WooCommerce payment gateway integrations is endless meaning there are no restrictions on choosing the right payment gateway for your business.

Built for Scalability

With some enhanced optimisation, WooCommerce can handles product catalogues in their hundreds of thousands and process transactions by the second.

B2B eCommerce

WooCommerce can easily handle customer specific pricing, punch out payments, Quotations, order approval, dynamic tax settings and CRM integration plus many more B2B specific features to engage with your customers.

Sustainable & Secure

Like any software platform, out choosing the right hosting environment and security measures for your online store will help protect it from malicious attacks.

Easily Extendable

Whether its installing a simple plugin, development bespoke functionality, optimising speed or integrating WooCommerce with other platforms WooCommerce is built with both end users and developers in mind for endless options.