Audience Definitions

Scenario: You want to create re-marketing lists to use in AdWords

  1. Log into Analytics and head over to Admin
  2. Under your property select ‘Audiences’ then ‘Audience Definitions’
  3. Select ‘New Audience’
  4. Select which view you want to use data from
  5. Select ‘All Users’ from the system generated lists which will simply enable you to re-market to users who have visited your website, you can get a lot more sophisticated than this, but this is a starter for ten!
  6. Choose where you want the data to go to in ‘Destinations’ (if you haven’t linked AdWords you will be prompted to do so now so make sure you have the appropriate access to AdWords on the same Google account)
  7. Publish and you should see the list and size in AdWords ready to be used!