Established in 1994, i-to-i is a leading provider of accredited TEFL courses (teaching English as a foreign language), enabling thousands of young people to work as English teachers all over the world.  The company’s courses are uniquely approved by both OFQUAL and ODLQC which is a significant benefit for i-to-i students when applying for teaching jobs abroad.

The Task

i-to-i was looking to expand its business and had identified the idea of creating a “marketplace” website as a key strategic initiative. This would be a site which would bring together both employers, who would advertise their job vacancies and also job seekers, who would find the jobs in the countries of their preference.

This was to be a brand new site called A particular challenge for Sculpt was that the site needed to be completed in 8 weeks.

Sculpt Analysis

Sculpt was tasked with creating the functionality of this marketplace site and commenced the task with a mindset review, including interviews, of both the prospective employee and the employer. A number of key requirements were identified for each party, which subsequently shaped the design of key selection fields and functionality. For example, key requirements for an employee, were identified as being the country, location and salary. For an employer it was qualifications, education and experience.

Functionality was written (effectively a job matching algorithm),  to ensure that these respective requirements could be married in order to arrive at the best possible match.

The site was also required to be revenue generative and Sculpt devised a credit system for employers to advertise their vacancies.

From the employee perspective it was crucial that the site was easy to use and to access, so the site was built with access via Facebook and Google. It was also important from a UX perspective that the new site would link at key points with the existing i-to-i site. This is because there is a lot of rich and informative content on the existing site, around potential countries of destination. This would be hugely useful to a jobseeker at the beginning of their journey.

Sculpt Recommendations

After much consideration between’s Magento 2 stack and Sculpt’s Framework for WordPress & WooCommerce the client decided to utilise WordPress & WooCommerce for its flexible nature and ease of content management.




Results to date from the site have been excellent. A unique and brand new revenue stream has been created for i-to-I and in the 8 months since launch, the site has received over 20,000 job applications with many hundreds of employers having utilised the service.