Rooflights, part of Glazing Vision is an online marketplace fot stock rooflight products. is one of the largest online stores in the UK and boasts an extensive product catalogue of high end products. 

The Task came to Sculpt wanting growth in both online sales and via their telesales operation. Their sales performance had stagnated for the previous 12 months and their website hadn’t seen much in the way of optimisation and enhancements. wanted a partner that could offer strategic direction whilst also have the technical capabilities to deliver much needed improvements to the user journey.

Sculpt Analysis

Our analysis was two-fold, firstly we conducted a thorough audit of their digital performance largely based around analytical data available to use from Google Analytics, business intelligence data provided to us by the client and a full review of how users were engaging with their website through user recordings. Secondly, a survey was developed to gather feedback from their website visitors to better understand the differing audience types visiting Following our audit process, we were able to bring clarity to on their current performance and audiences visiting their website.

Whilst had strong levels of visibility in search engines, both paid for and organic results which yielded strong visitor numbers the conversion rate to purchase was extremely low. A lower than average conversion rate is to be expected with a considered purchase such as a rooflight, nonetheless the website presented products with a basic level of details and content, imagery was extremely bland and the journey to purchase lacked any merchandising.

Sculpt Recommendations

Our first recommendation was to initiate a series of A/B testing, developing new designs and layouts to test agains the existing ones to improvement conversion rate. Two of the most important page types on the website are the homepage and product pages. A new homepage was designed with a greater focus of bringing products to the forefront with improved lifestyle imagery and featuring case studies for the different styles and finished of rooflights. Similarly a new product page was designed focusing on making product sizes and options clearer. There are a significant number of permutations of rooflight from sizes to glass finish and style. Making the product content clearer and providing additional content on lead times proved beneficial to customers.

Furthermore, a series of functional enhancements to better retail and merchandise rooflights was underway, these improvements ranged form an online tool to select the right rooflight to cross selling product options such as the required length of kerb trim at checkout and options to pay via finance online.

Finally, one of the biggest areas of development was enhancing the telesales operation, our audience analysis had shown that users on the website were largely Homeowners, Architects or Builders with the largest being Homeowners and Builders. For Homeowners, ordering a rooflight can be daunting and a costly mistake should you order the wrong size or finish and for builders for whom their time is precious a solution for both audiences to call and order over the phone was required. A full call tracking solutions was deployed to track the performance of the telesales channel vs the eCommerce channel and a dedicated checkout, only available to users logged into the website as a telesales user was developed so that agents could place orders on the website as iof they were the customer. This meant that the telesales operation followed the same ordering process as the eCommerce store. This was critically important so that customers still received the same email communications, warranty documentation and online account to access their order.


Following a successful CRO program involving A/B and Multivariant testing, online conversion rate started to increase, combined with the functional enhancements of the website enjoyed a 46% increase in conversion rate and a 37% increase in revenue. Additionally, some of our analysis showed that users who engage with the product selector were 75% more likely to purchase!