Over half of internet users expect a page to load in under 2 seconds, after which drop off rates are the only thing that start to accelerate! It’s no secret that page speed is one of the single most important metrics that contributes toward a positive user experience. Improving and maintaining the most optimum page speed performance is no easy or one off task however. Sites with regularly added content, dynamically driven data and ever changing browser capabilities mean that it can be challenging to stay on top of your page speed.

Our page speed services include a quarterly audit, ongoing monitoring & diagnosis and even better, as development agency we can also put those recommendations into practice.

Page Speed Overview

Page Speed Insights

Uncover key areas for optimisation such as render blocking scripts, large images, third party tracking tags and optimisation of HTML, CSS and javaScript.

Ongoing Monitoring

Get real time notifications of slow loading pages and resources to help diagnose common issues or reduced performance at peak traffic times or surges in usage.

Application Monitoring

Get under the bonnet of your website using New Relic reporting to monitor your application an trigger alerts for bottlenecks, slow queries or code causing poor performance.

Caching Configuration

Caching can be complex, especially with websites that serve dynamic or fresh content, simply enabling caching on all resources can lead to further issues. We can audit your site and advise on where caching can be best used.

Object Caching

Store commonly requested data in an object cache to boost TTFB (time to first bite), this is particularly useful for any website using facets of data such as product filters.

Database Optimisation

We can implement advanced database techniques to improve the structure of your database with indexed lookup tables and offloading mySQL to its own server for dependability.